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Suntrac is an authorized distributor of Mirion Technologies, Inc. Dosimetry Services.  We are able to offer the widest range of film and thermo-luminescent dosimetry possible for all fields including Industrial and Medical.  All dosimetry products are in full compliance with the state and federal regulations governing the monitoring of occupational radiation exposure.  Our dosimetry service is NVLAP accredited.  Listed below are the different types of dosimetry we offer.  For more information and prices, please call (281) 338-2133.


  • Film Dosimeter
  • TLD Dosimeter
  • Ring Dosimeter
  • Environmental Dosimeter
  • Wallet Card Dosimeter
  • Fast Neutron Dosimeter

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For more information and prices, please call (281) 338-2133 or e-mail:


JoAnne Surita    Joanne@suntrac.com
Sarah Baker       SarahB@suntrac.com


Click on the following link to see what the Dose Report form looks like from Mirion: Dose Report


Listing of codes used on the dose report with explanations: Dose Report Codes


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