Events 2012 - Beyond

Halloween 2012

Sgt. Roof, Judy Turner, BluemanRob, ClownEmily, Benito Simmons & BrendAARGH!


Halloween 2011

Benito, Brenda, Sadie, Judy & Luka


1st PlaceBenito     2nd PlaceBrenda   3rd Place – Judy


4th PlaceSadie      5th PlaceLuka



Halloween 2010

  Brenda – 1st Place Winner

Judy – 2nd Place Winner

Halloween 2009

  Judy - 2nd Place Winner      Benito - 1st Place Winner

                Brenda                      Sarah - 3rd Place Winner

      Everyone at the office that participated.  Rob as Bill Clinton.

                                                       Luka and Family

Boy Scout Troop from Houston uses Suntrac radiation survey equipment to earn Merit Badge

Halloween 2007

      Cherise                                 Jill                         Judy

      Rob & Theresa               

                    Benito                             Kris & Cherise

              Benito & Jill                                The Group

Beat Creek/Beat Lake Week
Clear Creek beat Clear Lake 21-14

Lunch Bridal Shower for Cherise 8/9/07

Halloween 2006

Halloween 2005

August 31, 2005 - Where's Judy?

Excellent Customer Services net Suntrac Employee Flowers - 10/11/04


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